3rd Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

3rd Birthday Gift Ideas Boys

It is not easy to find great gifts for the 3rd birthday of little boys. Here are some original gift ideas for lttile ones getting 4 years old. There are some expensive and some inecpensive ideas which are suitable for your little brother, for your nephew or grandson and for all kids in the age of three.

1A great idea is to spend time ith the birthday child. you may visit an amusement park or a zoo and the little one will have a lot of fun.
23 year old boys cannot read but they love stories. So you may buy a story book including some good night stories.
3A compact disc with child friendly songs is a great gift idea for the 3rd birthday. Many three year old kids love to sind and special kids CDs are very popular.
4Building blocks are very popular among little boys. You may want to give a boy of blocks. Theye improve coordination or their hands and make a lot of fun.
5There are dice games which are playable by 3 year old kids. Those games are a good idea for the 3rd birthday of a boy.
6Crafting and Painting makes a lot of fun and the little one will be very happy about a box of pens or watercolor.
7A remote control car is a very nice gift ideas. You can buy RF cars sutiable for 3 year old kids.
8A night light which is switched on during the whole night is demanded by many kids.
9Forks, Knifes and Spoons specially designed for little kids are a great idea. Little boys can use them on their own.
10A bike is a nice idea for the 3rd birthday of a boy. Many 3 year old boys learn to use a bicycle in the age of three.

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Original 3rd Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

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