35th Birthday Wishes

35th birthdayCongratulations and awards for the 35th Birthday are required if you want to congratulate a man or a woman to his or her 35th Birthday. Here are some short texts, sayings and wishes you can write into an SMS, with which one congratulates, but which can also be written as a personal message into a birthday card. There are both funny birthday wishes and cordial birthday sayings like that you can send to friends, colleagues and relatives. All congratulations on this site are free for personal use.

Funny 35th Birthday wishes

Funny sayings and wishes are especially popular for the 35th birthday, because for most people it is a reason to celebrate their birthday. Here are some funny congratulations which are suitable mainly for friends and work colleagues who know a lot of fun. There are short and wisdom sayings that are best delivered in the form of an SMS with your mobile phone.
I could not believe that you're 35 years old today. I think you don't look any older than 34!

Let us celebrate your birthday with lots of cake, while you still have your real teeth in the mouth!

Congratulations on your birthday! Today you bistz one step closer to gray hair, wrinkles and loss of memory!

Birthday are fantastic! Science has found that people with many birthdays tend to live longer!

A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age. Therefore, I wish you all the best for your 28th birthday!

Warm and formal 35th Birthday Greetings

Who would like to congratulate his boss, a friend or a loved one warm, can find personal, but rather factual congratulations and sayings for 35th birthday. Like all texts are free to use them for his own congratulations.
35th I wish you lots of birthday happiness, success and of course incredibly many great gifts!

A birthday is a time when you can look back on the successes of last year and should set new goals for the coming years. In addition I wish them much success!

Congratulations on your 35th Birthday. We hope that our trust and cooperation will continue to be successful in their new year of life.

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35th Birthday Wishes - Congratulation Messages and Sayings

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