30th Birthday Gift Ideas

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

The 30th birthday is a very special date for every birthday person. It is time to grow up and take life just a little more serious than in the twentys. Therefore a very special ift has to be found. Here are a few gift ideas for the 30th birthday of friend or realtives, colleagues or other people getting 30 years old:

1What does a man dreams of ? To drive that special car of his dreams for a day or even better for a weekend. Today this is possible and not even that expensive anymore. There are a lot of car rentals around who will be more than pleased to provide the right car for a special occasion.
2Another good idea is to hire a Quad and take a wild trip off road. Every man will feel real young
3Women would certainly prefer a night in real nice hotel. Take her out for a lovely dinner and let the evening end after visiting a musical. She will be so happy.
4Or you decide to go for a funny present. A good idea can be a T-Shirt with a funny printing on. Something like “30 years old. My life is over” will bring you certainly some laughter or a little slap on the head.
5May be you need a present for someone who likes it a little more exciting. Then you can take a look at a parachute jump. Very special and adrenaline is guaranteed.
6If you are looking for a gift for a 30 year old women and you want spent not too much money, flowers are alway a good idea for a birthday gift. Choose some nice summer flowers to let the sun shine into her heart

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30th Birthday Gift Ideas - nice presents for 30 year old

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