30th Birthday Wishes

30th Birthday WhishesIf you want send congratulations to the 30 Birthday to a friend, colleague or relative you may want to do this via SMS or as a message in social networks like Facebook, send 30th birthday greetings by email or as a classic birthday card. Here are some short texts and funny sayings for the 30th birthday which are exactly suited for this purpose. The 30th Birthday is a very special birthday for many young men and women. At the age of 30, the career path is settled and often a family is already founded. You can see the 30th Birthday as a milestone on the path to adulthood. All the wishes and sayings you find on this side are free for personal use.

Warm and happy 30th birthday wishes

Here are some congratulations that can be written as a saying in a handwritten birthday card. These messages are also suitable as an SMS text that you sent with your mobile phone. In any case, there are warm and sweet greetings which are sure looking forward to each receiver. They are suited well as a birthday congratulation in a greeting card.
Congratulations on your birthday, sweetheart. I want to use this special day to tell you that you're the most important people in my life and I never want to be without you again. I love you!

Congratulations on your 30th Birthday. I wish you on this special day that all your wishes and dreams come true you are going for.

send you love a birthday greeting and a huge kiss to your 30 Birthday. You are my sunshine, my everything and I am looking forward to the evening together with you.

May all your dreams come true in the next 10 years. Happy 30 birthday!

I hope you get many presents and have a wonderful time on your 30th birthday!

Funny 30th Birthday wishes

If you would like to send happy birthday wishes to a friend or a good colleagues, but also to your brother or sister at the age of 30 you may use these funny 30th birthday wishes. Some witty sayings can be found here. Some of these sayings are also a little mean, but never hurtful.
Do not worry being 30 You get used to it - at least when you are 40.

Congratulations on your 30th Birthday! Now you're officially closer to 40 than on the 20!

Happy Birthday. You're not 30, but only 27 with 3 years experience.

When one is 30 years old, something strange happened. You may find yourself going to act and think as did their own parents.

After 30, a body has a mind of its own. Happy Birthday!

30 is the new 20, unless your 20, then it's the new 40.

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30th Birthday Wishes and Greetings

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