3rd Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

3rd Birthday Gifts

If you are looking for a gift ideas for the 3rd birthday of your grandchild or niece or the doughter of friends or belated friends you may like these gifts. There are cheap and expensive, small and big gifts which are welcomeo by every 3 year old girl. A little princess likes to paint, play and to rage.

1A toy department store makes many children at the age of 3 happy. Buying wooden shutters are particularly popular. In addition, you need a cash register, shopping basket and all kinds of accessories and merchandise. The little ones can buy and sell items playfully. Such a gift is suitable for girsy. You can buy it from about 50 USD and up.
2Puzzles with 24 or 36 parts are suitable for 3 year old children. In addition, such Puzzles promote concentration and their fine motor skills. One can find many themes from film and television.
3Board games for kids are the perfect gift for 3 years. You should always pay attention to the age indicated on the packaging. There are many dice games or mind games for children in the toy trade, a lot of fun.
4Another grst gift idea for the 3rd birthday - even for girls - is an RF controlled car. You can buy little pink cars specially made for little girls.
5Every 3 year old girl likes to play with dolls. You canbuy Barbie or other dolls, clothing and accessoires. This is a very popular 3rd birthday gift.
6You may also make a special gift - one day in an amusement park. You should choose a park which has some attractions for litte girls as well

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3rd Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

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