First Day at School Wishes

First day at schoolThe first day at school is a real special occasion for every child. It is one of the most important turning point for the next few years coming up. On this page you will find some nice congratulations and sayings for the first day at school, to wish the 6 and 7 year old children lots of luck. These sayings are special for a first day at school card, but can certainly also be used for a sms or even to be written in a short letter.
Best wishes for a child which might be a little insecure and scared of the first day at school

I wish you lots of fun on your first day at school! Just be yourself and you can be sure, that you are doing everything right. I am sure you will find lots of new friends and have a great time.

First day at school sayings for a girl
Congratulation to your first day at school my big girl! I am so proud of you being at school now. Have a great first year at school.

I wish you lots of fun at school. You won`t just learn a lot but also meet a lot of nice children and have a great time. Mum and dad are real proud of you.

First day school wishes from a grandma to her grandchild:
Your grandma wishes you a great first day at school and lots of fun fort he first year. I am looking forward to the first grandma day at school, where i can meet all your friends.

Now the day is finally there.. You are going to have a lovely time. For the first day at school I am wishing you lots of luck, persistence and all the best for the next big step in your life.

I am sure you are very excited but believe me you will be just fine. Bring home your friends to play with. You will certainly like the school and we are so proud of you.

School might not always be easy and even at home you will have to do some learning but all in all you will have the best time of your life. Are you ready? Lets go!

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First Day at School Wishes for Boys and Girls

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